This message is late in release.  It was on my saved drafts from September 1, 2019.  Still feel it has revelation.  Lord’s will be done.

Dear America,

Trump will become a truth messenger in voting assignments. Don’t let unrighteous leaven interrupt My glory outpouring in the election in the future.  Don’t bother listening to other voices in this matter now.  The truth will become more evident, clearly described by Me.

Hillary doesn’t know this, but I’ll be changing the future towards freedom, My kingdom growth. Hillary and Bill Clinton won’t give into pressures that others might inflict on them. Only believe I’ll touch one of them soon if they’ll listen to Me calling them forth in righteousness, justice, integrity, and love. Souls need this now, revival in hearts of the leaders in America. Can I not do this? Yes, I can do it.

Obama will need this touch in his heart as well. Pray he’ll begin to see clearly My plans – accept it, pursue it.

Former alliances who once altered marriage on the scales and placed false institutions into the culture of the United States shall have a reckoning in the future. Don’t allow this issue to continue on without first describing the truth of marriage through My eyes, heart, and purposes. I love you, America. Marriage must be the voice of tomorrow signifying truth in the devotion of men’s and women’s affections towards each other.

I will continue to use Trump to alter darkness’s ways and venues while still influencing many people’s understanding on the issues. His decisions are truly grounded in the truth of matters, yet continue on into further developed understanding of My will concerning the United States of America. Judgmental decisions continue to flow into My vessel of honor’s hands. I will protect the United States today through My hand’s fiery deliverance. The enemy’s hands are guilty, truly. Satan’s attempt to take out My President shall come to an end.  

America, vengeance is coming against evil in the land. So, take this message in faith, thus positioning yourself for renewal and growth. I’ve ordained many at this moment in history to fulfill their purposes concerning America’s calling. I’ve chosen ones who might prepare a generation to be baptized with Holy Spirit power. Listen to Me only.

O LORD, God of vengeance,
O God of vengeance, shine forth!
Rise up, O judge of the earth;
repay to the proud what they deserved! 
Psalm 94: 1,2

I love you, America.


I hope and pray this message will bless everyone who reads and/or hears it.  Forgive me God and recipients for any errors and/or omissions, my deepest apologies.   Jeremy Brostrom