Watch dog attacks aren’t going to succeed foremost against President Trump.  Rather, God will be something overtaking the enemy of souls by first contending with fear.  The spirit of python has been working to dismay others from thinking about news that’s faithfully righteous, religious, and perfectly subduing falsehoods.  I won’t allow for this devil’s agenda to continue to be forcefully against My ways.

President Trump shall be proclaiming more freedom in days ahead, yet others won’t allow for it to continue without arguing that virus will be targeting victims until year’s end.  I’ve begotten many blessings through suffering this virus economic shutdown.  Wait until there’s bright hope in money investments, sure ways business shall boom throughout Western Europe’s finances, and Ireland’s freedom measure show integrity.

Hope in My heart for countries that aren’t succumbing to evil tyrannical government’s attempts to wage war through social threats and financial tyranny.  Jesus is better than all ways.  Proof always deters scoffers.  In this way many souls will be given hope and love in their countries, cities, and homes.  Yet, the better way defends family’s welfare rather than take from their homes and lives. 

I like many whose faith has been anchoring their directions through this trial and sufferings.  I love you!  Remember the past history of Hitler and his regime that brought low Eastern Europeans while the regime’s strength was to be executed over the world.  I’ve now been working to undue all these terrible history lessons by word of persons throughout regions that will be righteous leaders.  Leaders whose mind and will shall be proven victorious and true against false unities.  I love you whole earth!

Watch your estates become virtually more than before through My ways.  Now, listen to Me and grow into many facets of glorious renewal outpourings of latest ventures of the Kingdom of Mine.  No one shall miss out on My loving heart whose asking for My love.  I love you!!!

Listen to Me, now!  Your going to miss revenue only in sense of physical renewal, but I’ve been allowing this for revenue of glory to provide for your season of drought.  Therefore, nations shall be given testings further to provide for My glory to overcome your haughtiness against Me.  Humble yourselves and I will be the greatest force for well doing and provide blessings countless times over what’s considered average. 

Thank you for being able to discern what’s true and unholy.  There’s a new way for this time to proceed.  It’s that wonderfully prayer shall still remain fixed on level of increasing ground for prayer movement. 



 I believe the Lord may be saying the above entry. I pray the message blesses all who read and/or hear it. Forgive me reader/listener and God for any errors and/or omissions.

God Bless,

Jeremy Brostrom