I feel the Lord may be saying,

I’m CALLING you today.  Hear my voice.  Respond in victory over your adversary the devil.  For to you much will be received in My glory by harkening to my voice.

I’ve seen you bound in your impotence, your restlessness, and your impurity.  But, I have ways you’ve considered void of reality.  I have truths to govern the affairs your life.  Release the fear and practice love.  Put on the helmet of salvation, covering your head.  For wisdom comes from Me.  Ask for it.  Receive it in my jurisdiction.

(I see a white snake with mouth open and fangs out – vision in my mind)

A white snake has become familiar to you.  Seek it out and destroy its lust.  For I have a promise for you today for which few can fathom and no one can contend with.  Turn aside from your wickedness and I will forgive and heal your land.  Am I a man that I should lie?  No!  I am God.

I smite the enemy with My righteous right arm.  Whom shall I bless?  Those with an upright heart.  Jamaica, My heart swells with love towards you.  For to you My right arm is extended for help, for deliverance, and for healing.

News coverage of past things looks tiny now.  Only realize that much needed time for healing occurs when people face hurt or tragedy.  Lie in remorse not!  New things delay not by hearing My voice.  In hearing My voice you shall receive new purpose and new vision.  I will give to those who hear new hearts rebuilt in love, overflowing with mercy, and filled with hopeful promises.

Jamaica shall see clearly its destiny image come forth daily as these things take place.  Hold a tight grip on righteous living.

I received almost the entire message of this word for Jamaica on 8-27-2018.  I did some editing leading up to its release.

I pray that Jamaica – I’m Calling You will be a blessing to all who read and/or hear its message.  Forgive me God and reader/listener for any errors and/or omissions in the word.

God bless,

Jeremy Brostrom