On 9-1-2017 the Lord gave the following words:

A rhino seems to be followed by others.  Proceed to checkout, to the end of the line.  By 12th month you’ll see others fray out of bounds less.

My choice candidate, identified as a beginner, will become more righteous than ever.  Why harken to the left duel amongst sheep vs. wolves?  The wolves seek to destroy factories, buildings, in order to demolish glad tidings.  Know this, the sheep shall stand up on the heels of the victory laid out before the foundations of the earth.

Yes, My plans executed over the tyrannical display of enemies of the state forecasting doom will penetrate deep in Washington D.C.

Get ready, financial provision restored in America alreadys happening.  Now realize this awaken to the thought of new beginnings in America.

Left message raw and unedited.

It has been on my mind to release this word, primarily before the 12th month.

I hope it’s a blessing.  Forgive me if I should have released it earlier and/or for any errors in hearing God, my apologies.