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Matthew 5:14-16

Trump – Truth Messenger, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama, Describing Truth of Marriage, America – Vengeance Against Evil

This message is late in release.  It was on my saved drafts from September 1, 2019.  Still feel it has revelation.  Lord’s will be done. Dear America, Trump will become a truth messenger in voting assignments. Don’t let unrighteous leaven… Continue Reading →

Watch Dog Attacks Against Trump, Bright Hope in Money Investments, Business Boom Western Europe’s Finances, Word of Righteous Leaders, Humble Yourselves

Watch dog attacks aren’t going to succeed foremost against President Trump.  Rather, God will be something overtaking the enemy of souls by first contending with fear.  The spirit of python has been working to dismay others from thinking about news… Continue Reading →

Media, Wall Street Journal, Prayer Movement, Right Wing and the Left

I feel the Lord may be saying: (I saw the word) media. Wall Street Journal critical of My glory.  I won’t tolerate it forever.  So, prayer movement must be awakened in love to dissolve right wing’s authority impotence and discover… Continue Reading →

Jamaica – I’m Calling You

I feel the Lord may be saying, I’m CALLING you today.  Hear my voice.  Respond in victory over your adversary the devil.  For to you much will be received in My glory by harkening to my voice. I’ve seen you bound in… Continue Reading →

America, Donald J. Trump – Fortitude

I feel the Lord may be saying, My name will be glorified through Donald J. Trump.  What has been witnessed through the Holy Spirit to many shall come alive.  Integrity, finances, and waste management will become first priority for the… Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Searching in the Hearts – God

I feel the Lord may be saying: I’ve been searching in the hearts of men and women who have been carried into destinies over the years.  Many have seen My hand operate tremendously in life.  Others have been wondering, “What am… Continue Reading →

India Bell Sign – Beckon to the Call of Repentance

I feel the Lord may be saying,   bell ringing video The India Bell represents the sounding alarm to beckon to the call of repentance.  Awaken to My love at all costs.  See to it that none disconnect you from My love.  For… Continue Reading →

India – Revival Fire

On 8-27-2017, I believe the Lord gave me the following words:      (I saw fire in my mind) Fire – My present to My India. A revival epic in nature and primed by Myself, for My refining fire has begun to… Continue Reading →

Rhino, Choice Candidate, Sheep vs. Wolves, and New Beginnings in America

On 9-1-2017 the Lord gave the following words: A rhino seems to be followed by others.  Proceed to checkout, to the end of the line.  By 12th month you’ll see others fray out of bounds less. My choice candidate, identified… Continue Reading →

Donald J. Trump – God’s Chosen President (Part 2 – Signs, Signs, and More Signs)

(This is a rough draft version published quickly to be dated before election results.  God speaks before things takes place.  “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.  Amos 3:7 ESV) I believe… Continue Reading →

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